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The Yemeni Initiative for Defending Baha’i Rights is an independent, voluntary humanitarian initiative aimed at the peaceful defense of the oppressed whose national, civil and human rights have been violated.  The supporters of the initiative are activists from various backgrounds, disciplines, affiliations and orientations.  They include Yemenis from all walks of life within and outside Yemen, as well as those who love Yemen and its people.  We have a common vision that does not stop at supporting the detained and persecuted Baha’is in Yemen only, but also defending and promoting the diversity in Yemeni society, as well as striving to establish and consolidate human values guaranteed by the Yemeni constitution and the International Bill of Human Rights.

The Yemeni initiative is a peaceful humanitarian call to reject prejudice and extremism, and to establish and promote the principles of tolerance, coexistence and equality among all the people of Yemen.


The Yemeni Initiative was established on April 25, 2017 to coordinate the efforts of those who support this just cause.  The initiative calls on all to participate and cooperate in joining efforts to defend this persecuted component of the Yemeni society whose rights have been violated.  What has distinguished “Happy Yemen” through the ages is its intellectual, cultural and ideological diversity. Let us work together to restore the smile of happiness on the face of our dear Yemen.

Who We Are

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